PLAYitGameOn: The First Game Challenge Has Ended Successfully

Hello PLAYiters,

We're excited to share the amazing outcome of PLAYitGameOn! It was an incredible gaming experience where players from all over came together to have fun, compete, and show off their skills!

Congratulations to all our winners! You guys were fantastic! The top three champions received cash rewards - ₹500 for the 1st place, ₹300 for 2nd, and ₹200 for 3rd. But it didn't end there! Players from 4th to 10th place were also rewarded with one month of PLAYit VIP access!

During the period, participants can follow the progress of the event and the latest news through PLAYit's social media account at any time.

PLAYit Twitter:

PLAYit Instagram:

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who participated! Your support made this event a huge success, and we're truly grateful for your enthusiasm!

PLAYitGameOn might be over, but the adventure with PLAYit is just beginning! Get ready for more gaming thrills, more competitions, and more rewards.

Let's continue creating fantastic moments together!

With Gratitude,