Respects Copyright,Resist Piracy

With the rapid development of the Internet, global creators use Internet tools to release more unprecedented creativity. At the same time, with the rapid development of various media platforms, all kinds of pirated content are prevalent, seriously hurting the basic rights of original creators. The painstaking effort of the original creator has been repeatedly ignored and obliterated, and has been harmed by wanton plagiarism by people who do not respect the original and copyright. Infringement and piracy have seriously threatened the development of society and are a stumbling block to the development of global creativity. In the face of the destruction and threats brought by infringement and piracy to all walks of life, countries and enterprises around the world should work together to protect intellectual property rights.

India is a country that has signed WIPO treaties and strictly enforced DMCA laws. As a company with more than 100 million users worldwide, PLAYit will better respect copyrights and better protect users’ privacy. We will strictly review cooperation applications. Any violation of copyright is one of:
1. Without the authorization of the original creator, copy and paste the original creator’s text, pictures and video works arbitrarily on the platform for dissemination;
2. Without the permission of the copyright owner or copyright-related copyright owner of a film work or a work created in a similar way to filming a movie, computer software, sound recording or video recording, renting or selling or publishing its work or sound recording or video recording;
3. Plagiarizing, distorting, falsifying, and publishing related works of the original creator without the permission of the original creator;
4. The use of others' works should be paid but not paid;
PLAYit will cancel the partner’s qualification for cooperation. At the same time, PLAYit declares that all illegal actions of the partner have nothing to do with PLAYit, and all consequences shall be borne by the partner.
Start with me, respect copyright, and resist piracy!